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Grow hidden marijuanaConsidering the fact that you're spending much more on your growing setup, what you can learn from our Extreme Stealth Grows book is priceless. It's an insurance on your time, risk, and effort that you're taking out on your grow.

There's nothing worse than being discovered right at harvest. Sometimes, the whole crop is lost due to a breach in security. With the Extreme Stealth Grow book, you'll be able to foresee and minimize problems that are bound to arise down the road.

When you grow, the idea is to efficiently produce a crop of quality buds safely. If everyone knows about your setup - either from friends talking or through an accidental discovery, chances are you're going to get busted. These "friends" have a nasty habit of getting busted themselves. Then, they use the knowledge of your grow as leverage to avoid jail. It's amazing how long and hard these friends "sing" to the police once threatened with the prospect of a little jail time. This is why they are called canaries.

Don't get busted!Remember that a marijuana smoker is arrested every 45 seconds in the United States. Organizations such as NORML are busy trying to get new and modern laws enacted. Twenty-five states have already legalized medical marijuana.

These days, it takes an awful lot of cunning to get away with something that may be illegal. As innocent as pot sounds, it's still a major offense in some states as a controlled substance. Why not enjoy the benefits of cannabis by controlling the environment in which you grow? Extreme Stealth Grows allows you to do just that. You will understand and see the wisdom of total stealth once you take the time to simply read our book.

Handcuffs ain't coolWe would love to guarantee Extreme Stealth Grows. Unfortunately, there are just too many goofs out there that test our methods with friends or even the Police. Some have gone off the deep end by challenging others to find their hidden grows. Once this happens, it's bound to be found. They've already confirmed there's definitely a grow and strange games seem to evolve. Yet another "friend" is now aware of the grow and feels empowered. Placing their whole grow in jeopardy is probably the dumbest thing growers end up doing - yet it happens all the time. You will feel like a silly fool for having blown your hard-earned stealth. This is why Extreme Stealth Grows disavows any knowledge of your actions.

Let's review the benefits of Extreme Stealth Grows.

Help Us Help You

1) Extreme Stealth Grows is an assembly of unique grow methods, designs, and concepts showing you secret gardens not available on the internet.

2) Extreme Stealth Grows has been written by growers, artists, magicians, and even an Attorney at Law assisting our growing techniques and ideas.

3) Our current version is 4.0 and has been updated to bring you even more hidden grows, designs, and ideas since our initial e-book.

Marijuanaganja leafPot leafMarijuana leaves

4) Most growers spend a significant amount on their grows yet forget something as simple as odor control. Extreme Stealth Grows allows you to see your options in advance and design for them.

5) Hidden rooms for growing are the most popular option today when building a house. Extreme Stealth Grows shows you the best ways to work with existing houses and apartments to conceal your grow.

6) By increasing your knowledge of stealth growing, you're bound to have a more pleasant experience from your first month through your harvest. The only person who knows about your grow will be you. This is the way it should be.

Keep Silent and Eyes at Bay

Drug Enforcement AgencyAs mentioned above, there's no point in reading our book if you're just going to tell others that you have a secret grow. It's not secret anymore and nothing will work for you once the cat is out of the bag. You may even be black-mailed.

The whole point of our book is to keep this subject from ever coming up. KEEP SILENT! This isn't some game we're playing. This is real life. If you want to keep out of jail, do not tell a living, breathing soul. If someone finds your grow, you have only yourself to blame. You've totally blown the whole concept of Extreme Stealth Grows.

Extreme Stealth Grows offers you the chance to build your grows in a highly sophisticated manner enabling you to grow more by growing smart. Once you've read our book, you can comfortably design your own grow and know that it's the best you can do. The rest of the seeding, fertilizing, growing, and harvesting your crop is up to you.

We have discreetly sold our Extreme Stealth Grows online book since 2005.

NORMLWith our new 4.0 version, we've updated Extreme Stealth Grows with even more concepts and are now offering a Special discount price of only $9.95 through . That's a savings of 50%!

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In a few clicks, you will be reading, thinking, and growing with knowledge and peace of mind that brings with it a quiet confidence. Thousands of growers just like you have read our book conveniently right over the internet. In a few minutes, you will be kicking back and reading the most interesting book by far on secretly growing marijuana today - hands down.

When it comes to concealing your marijuana grow, our instant online book has the most cleverly written ideas without exception. It is the first of it's kind and there is absolutely nothing else like it anywhere. While paranoia in this case is a healthy attribute, what's more interesting is that Extreme Stealth Grows actually makes growing fun!

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