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Blue pot leafDo you really want to start your grow without knowing all of your options? Are you willing to take unnecessary chances knowing you may be getting arrested? Why not minimize the chances with our Extreme Stealth Grows book?

We have created our unique abstracts with a talented staff of artists, magicians, growers, and even an Attorney at Law. With this first-hand information, you are virtually assured of growing in complete stealth. This enables you to vegetate your plants longer producing a greater harvest. In turn, you may only have to grow once or twice a year rather than constantly. If you're not growing all the time, the risk of being discovered is greatly reduced.

LEOThe Extreme Stealth Grows book is a privately published collection of configurations for growing in a super-secret environment. While no method is idiot-proof, ours is next to it. We can't condone, for example, stealing electricity from the utilities company or taunting and daring the Police to find your grow. We're not responsible for you bragging about your setup to family and friends then wondering why you got busted. You can't be a completely silly then claim our methods don't work. Once you've blown it and a trained drug dog is brought to the scene, there isn't any way to avoid detection. You're flat-out busted. Not only are you now busted - you have a permanent drug record and a history. You usually have to go through the community's programs to educate you on the dangers of drug abuse. These can last weeks and, depending on your prior violations, may involve random urinalysis testing. You may also have to perform community service. With Extreme Stealth Grows, make the odds work for you instead of against you. Our book will show you how to greatly reduce the chance where the above would happen - cheap insurance considering all the money you're about to spend on your setup.

Secret marijuana growsYou've got to be honest with yourself and realize the Police already know the most common places where people have their grows. These include such mundane areas such as the attic, the garage, the basement, and even using the whole house. The Police already know that growers hollow out dressers, computers, and desks for their stealth grow box. They already know that professionals design secret rooms and, because growing marijuana can ruin the whole house, prefer to use rental homes. Law Enforcement Officials are highly trained, have years of expert experience on their side, and enjoy tearing out walls with relish.

Our online book includes chapters on outdoor stealth, indoor stealth, stealth cabinets, apartment stealth, and includes valuable tips and tricks available for instant downloading right now. Keep in mind this is a valuable idea book. There are no plans included - rather clever assessments, estimations, and appraisals to fire the imagination with creativity.

Let's review some typical pitfalls that the chapters in Extreme Stealth Grows can remedy.

Outdoor Growing

1) Growing outdoors is subject to surveillance with helicopter fly-overs. However, the truth is that reasonable-sized grows are hardly ever discovered this way. Only huge grows of half an acre or more are uncovered in wealthy communities that can procure the surveillance.

2) Your greatest risk is bragging to others about your grow. It's amazing how jealous other growers become. Everyone wants to be king of the hill and will stop at nothing to de-throne a fellow grower. All it takes is a simple phone call.

3) Many outdoor grows are discovered by shear accident when city, county, or state maintenance is performed. Often, sewer, septic tank, and faulty electrics cause the arrests indirectly. You will have to remedy these inevitable visits to be able to harvest a secure grow.

4) Grows can simply be smelled by your neighbor coming over to borrow a cup of sugar. Although odor is a primary cause of discovery, placing your grow in the proper area to begin with can minimize this problem when growing outdoors.

Grow marijuana safely and securely

Indoor Growing

1) Most growing is done indoors which can control the environment for optimum production. Most indoor grows are small in nature and may only provide the grower just enough for personal consumption. It's hardly worth the Police to make a concerned effort to stake out a grower of 5 plants. Yet, they must place you under arrest when finding a grow in violation of the law.

2) Amateur indoor growers can go hog wild with dreams of wealth and riches. They figure they can rent a house, grow in every room, and never be discovered. However, this kind of growing has a tendency to decay the house with mildew and mold. Houses need upkeep. Landlords and neighbors become suspicious. The front door is never used, windows are constantly steamed up, and gardening waste may be discovered.

3) Boasting to others can bring the indoor grower to his knees. Often, an ex-wife or girlfriend with designs of revenge will turn you in. The only prevention is to practice silence. Even when others tell you the "best way to grow", you'll have to grin and bear it with the sounds of silence.

4) Odor can be a dead give-away when answering your door. This must be addressed because it's the most common of reasons for you being arrested. Odor can transcend walls in apartments, seep thru vents, and be difficult to control without serious intervention. Heat signature (FLEAR) can also be used and is just another reason to keep your grows a reasonable size.

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Stealth Cabinets

1) Whether in houses or apartments, indoor cabinet grows are the most popular type of grow. You'll have to consult NORML to see what plant count, if any, applies to your area. You will also have to consider what a reasonable amount to grow for yourself actually is. A major mistake is trying to grow too many plants.

2) The larger the grow, the more odor is created. This is why it's often best to keep a reasonable size grow of a wardrobe cabinet down to micro-grow sizes. Consider using low-odor strains of marijuana which can usually be controlled with a jar or two of ONA, an odor neutralizing agent.

3) By keeping eyes at bay, you can increase your stealth. Sadly, one of the most common reasons for busts involves friends and family. Once your grow is discovered, you're also libel to be manipulated against your will. Now you're being controlled by someone and may need to move everything in the middle of the night upsetting your grow.

4) The grower sometimes makes a cabinet that is a firetrap. Inadequate wiring and lighting can lead to disastrous results. One out of every 24 grows ends with a fire. This can result in your arrest adding insult to injury because you've already lost everything. Do not chance a fire hazard just to grow marijuana. People can get killed.

Marijuana growers bustedWhat you need to do is educate yourself on new locations designed in such a way that nobody would even begin to comprehend it's a grow space. More importantly, you will understand how the Police think and then take advantage of their experience, knowledge, and methods of investigation. You must first transcend any previous knowledge of your own, throw away old dated locations and previously outdated techniques, and embrace new modern state-of-the-art ideas and conceptualizations.

Extreme Stealth Grows offers you the chance to expand your horizons and cognitive processes and think "outside the box" so you can comfortably grow to your hearts content. Harvest some of the very best weed on the planet for your very own personal stash. Forget going to the weird crackhead with the pet tarantula to score a bag of schwag and risk almost being arrested. Someone pulls out a gun and it's all over. You will transcend all of that and become a fan of horticulture planning your crop for this season's harvest.

Marijuana cigaretteOur instant online book is available right now. Don't you think you should at least read up and be aware of new stealth ideas and techniques? You may very well save yourself a trip "downtown".

Enjoy the peace of mind that thousands of growers just like you are experiencing by ordering our book easily and conveniently right on the internet. The Extreme Stealth Grows book is not available anywhere else and recently updated to version 4. You'll now get the very latest information with even more stealthy concepts to make your growing easy and confident.